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20 Mar 2014

Learning expository writing

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Learning making Zongzi step by step,we learned how to write an instruction.
14 Mar 2014

Happy π Day!

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π cookies for π day!
07 Mar 2014

Learn some Chinese Sign Language

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Students at Central get to know Chinese Sign Language this week.
27 Feb 2014

Hey, Let's move!

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Hey ,check this out ,the teachers are working out after school.Although it's tough and exhausting,they hang on to the last minute,that's the spirit!Go , mustangs!
21 Feb 2014

Chinese songs can be really useful

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Listen to the song, and find the lyrics.The repeating of the Chinese sentence structure"Wu lun...dou",helps the student to remember this difficult structure.
14 Feb 2014

Story telling

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In the IB Chinese class,we are learning how to describe the scene of a disaster.
06 Feb 2014

Have fun with paper!

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Check out Mrs Derenne's room, there's some special decoration for Valentine's day!
We did Origami and paper cutting in the international club,the origami heart and the "xi"character paper cutting were the most popular,since Valentine's day is just around the corner.
24 Jan 2014

On Chinese New Year Day

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You can not clean the house on the new year day, because Chinese people believe that if you take some things out of the house on the first day of the year, you might get rid of your good luck for this year.

Do you know what  we should not do on Chinese New Year day?

First, you can not clean the house.If you do ,don't take the garbage out,because you might lose your fortune this way.

16 Jan 2014

Written Assignment

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After learning IB Chinese for one and a half year,the student now has to do a written assignment.Josh wrote a diary about Zhu Ziqing's essay,At the Sight of Father's Back.
19 Dec 2013

Food in Sichuan

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Sichuan cuisine is famous for its unique flavor-spicy and numbing heat.

And hotpot is one of the most famous Sichuan Cuisine,it's Chinese fondue.

First you need to boil the hotpot soup, and when it's boiling, put the food in and boil it for a short time, and it would be ready to eat.

And you got a variety of food choices,vegetable,meat, seafood,almost everything you would like to try.And if you don't like spicy, you can always try the mild one.

So if you go to Sichuan one day, make sure you try hotpot.