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27 Mar 2014

Clock Craft

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Look their awsome paper clocks! They can use them to practice telling time in Chinese!


21 Mar 2014

Math games

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Check out our 1st graders' great math work!

13 Mar 2014

Rainbow words

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Our first graders are wirting their rainbow words! They just love it!

07 Mar 2014

They can write Chinese essays!

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Our 1st graders can write Chinese essays:)

27 Feb 2014

Party for 100 days at school!

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They are setting up 100 pieces of dominoes:)

Our 1 graders celebrated a big party for their 100 days at school. We did lots of fun games to celebrate.

13 Feb 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Enjoy our Valentine's Day party!

06 Feb 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Our class had a new year's party this week to celebrate Chinese new year! Many kids wore Qipao ( taditional Chinese dress) and all were very engaged in chinese bingo game!

16 Jan 2014

what's your favorite food?

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- What's your favorite food?

- I like pizza!

19 Dec 2013

Chinese Rhymes for kids

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We helped our 1graders explore Chinese rhymes this week! They are acting out the Chiense rhyme "A yellow dog" !