Paris Peace Conference and Its Effect on China

Students in Portage Central High School imitated Paris Peace Conference last week, they performed differet countries' delegations. June and I attended the Conference as the delegation of China. In one class we changed the history because we took Shandong province back from Japan, which was Germany's colony before the WWI. The second time we lost ,Japan retained it, just as it happened in history.


June introduced the effect of the failure of China's delegation on Paris Peace Conference this week, which led to the May Fourth Movement.


Confucius Institute Showcases Chinese Culture at Bronco Bash

Western Michigan University holds “Bronco Bash” annually in the beginning of the fall semester to welcome new students. During “Bronco Bash”, academic departments, school institutes and student associations all promote themselves to attract new students’ attention. WMU Confucius Institute also joined  “Bronco bash” for the 5th year.


3rd Chinese Paper Cutting Workshop

The 3rd workshop on the ancient art form of Chinese paper cutting will be hosted by the Confucius Institute at Western Michigan University from 6:30 to 7:45 p.m. on Thursday, August 22, in Brown Hall Room 2045. The workshop includes a brief presentation about the history of paper cutting and a hands-on opportunity to create your own paper cuttings, including paper cutting for window decoration and Chinese Characters.


Meadowbrook students visit Chicago Chinatown

The Confucius Institute at WMU recently took a group of approximately 100 participants to Chicago Chinatown for a day of culture and fun!  Students from Meadowbrook Elementary School in Forest Hills Public Schools attended with their families.  The day included a historical and informational tour on Chinatown, which included stops at the Nine Dragon Wall, the Buddhist temple, the historical Pui Tak Center and more, a Chinese lunch at Cai, a popular Chinatown restaurant, a Chinese kite painting activity, and free time to explore Chinatown's many gift shops, bakeries and grocery stores.  Students were able to practice their Chinese with Confucius Institute staff, local tour guides and at a few other locations throughout the day.