Chinese New Year is around the Corner

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On January 23rd, teachers from Confucius Institute at Western Michigan University visited Northward Elementary School in Allegan and had three 50-min presentations about Chinese New Year for second, third and fourth graders.

The students have never been exposed to any Chinese before. Therefore we and the teachers believe that this would a great opportunity for them to experience a different culture. At the beginning of the presentation, Yun Zhou, the instructor gave a brief introduction about Chinese New Year. Huanhuan Wu and Mingchen Zhao showed the class a number of decorations including couplets, paper-cutouts, Chinese knots and lanterns. The kids all have a chance to hold the beautiful handicrafts and they couldn’t move their eyes off them. At the end of the class, students learnt how to write Chinese character “福” (“Fu”, means happiness in Chinese) and made their own paper lanterns. Kids are very excited about the projects and couldn’t wait to show them to their families and friends.

Chinese New Year is one of the most popular and most important festivals in China. Knowing more about it is a further step to knowing real Chinese culture. Hopefully we will have more opportunities to visit different schools and communities to share our tradition. February 19th is Chinese New Year for 2015 and CI will have all kinds of activities during the next 3 upcoming weeks. We are all looking forward to it!