Chinese folk songs workshop

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6 - 7:30 P.M. / MARCH 30th, 2017 / 2048 Brown Hall

Chinese folk song is originated in the labor and produced in the social practice of the working people. China has vast and numerous ethnic groups. Depending on different natural conditions, social conditions, lifestyle and working way, each group has its own characteristics of folk songs. 

Tones of Hunan folk song is incisive and vivid. Northern Shanxi folk songs have full-bodied local smells, Its rhythm is generally free and simple. It has a loud and straight voice.  Tibetan folk tunes are fluent, high plain, Mongolian folk songs are formed in the long practice of the cavity, it has soothing tone and coherent melody.

In this workshop, you can enjoy all these beautiful traditional folk songs from the different part of China, and you can experience Chinese culture through Chinese folk songs. You will also learn how to sing some Chinese folk songs.

This workshop is for all learners who are interested in Chinese music and songs--it will provide an overview of China's folk, pop, opera, and movie-theme genres. Chinese folk music, from generation to generation, is the most popular form of music in China. Beijing and Peking opera performances include singing, recital, gestures, and fighting actions. There will also be an introduction to song-and-dance routines, including dazzling, traditional costumes, stylized performances, and application demonstrations for the colorful facial make-up dancers wear. The goals for this class is to provide participants an opportunity to learn about the main genres of Chinese music and to better understand the history and cultural conception of Chinese music and songs. 

This workshop is open to public and requires no prior instruction in this or any other martial art. No language proficiency is required.

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