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Mingchen Zhao is a Chinese Culture Class instructor at the Confucius Institute at Western Michigan University. She graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University with a master’s degree in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics. She also obtained her bachelor’s degree from Beijing Language and Culture University, majoring in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. During her 7 years of study in BLCU, she has gained extensive knowledge on Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and also a greater understanding about other cultures. In addition, she has been a part-time Chinese teacher at several institutes including BLCU and has attended Mount Holyoke College as a foreign fellow to teach Chinese during the academic year of 2012 to 2013.

She is so happy to have interests in both her major and her job, and be able to put to use what she has learned.

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赵明晨是西密歇根大学孔子学院的汉语教师。她是北京语言大学2014届语言学及应用语言学专业的硕士毕业生,本科也毕业于北京语言大学,专业是对外汉语。在北语的7年学生生活,不但让她对于汉语教学有了良好的认识并系统学习,同时,也与来自世界各地的留学生交流学习,不出国门了解到世界各国的文化与传统。在学习的同时,她也将自身所学运用到实际教学中,在北京语言大学汉语进修学院担任初级汉语课老师。在2012年更获得去美国Mount Holyoke College学习并教授中文的机会,积累了宝贵的经验。



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